Athens of the West

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U.S. Marines wounded at Kari San Mountain being evacuated Via a Navy Sikorsky H-5 Helicopter (May 23, 1951)
Mieczysław Rakowski - Wisla Pod Wawelem (1931)
Augustus John - The Little Railway (Martigues) (1928)
Refugees crowd railway depot at Inchon, Korea, hoping to make trip further south and safety from communist (January 3, 1951)  
S. D. Froude - BEA Royal Mail Helicopter (1948) 
Christoper R.W. Nevinson - ‘The Road from Arras to Bapaume’ (1917)
Jessica (1962)

Jessica (1962)

Vasily Kuptsov - ‘Maxim Gorky ANT-20’ (1934)
Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson - ‘Flooded Trench On the Yser’ (1916) 
A wounded chaplain reads a memorial service over the snow-covered bodies of dead Marines, Koto-ri, Korea (December 3, 1950)
Thomas Pollock Anshutz - ‘A Rose’ (1907)
Sir William Nicholson— ‘Sir Henry Hawkins’ - (1899)
Catherine Goodman - The Chair at rossetti (2010-2012)
Charles Pears - ‘Transport by Sea Place of Safety’ (1917)
Hans Liska - “Stukas returning back from their mission at Crete in the first morning sun” (1942)